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Creating the Future Together

Link People,
Local Communities and the World

Eurex values the unique perspectives and talents of each member. If you are interested in growing with us and creating the future together, we invite you to join our team.

Working holds a variety of meanings that go beyond merely a means to make a living. Through their professions, individuals have the opportunity to test and grow their skills and capabilities. The workplace is a place where people cooperate and work together towards a common goal. Expanding one’s network of relationships through colleagues and customers is a significant sign of growth as a professional. Eurex's mission is to link people, local communities and the world. We believe this is achieved not only through enhancing our staff's business skills but also through cultivating a global-scale human network developed as professionals.
After joining the company, you will not be limited to a single task but will, in principle, experience various jobs within the business unit. Such an approach is an effective process for nurturing leadership and for assigning individuals to roles where they can maximize their abilities. Additionally, experiencing work across different business units broadens the overall organizational perspective, deepens understanding of diverse values, and diversifies career paths within the organization.
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