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Since its establishment in 1981, Eurex Co.,Ltd. has undergone numerous organizational reforms and reviews of its business portfolio, providing various values to our customers over the course of 43 years. The origin of our corporate actions is to become a 'Ring' that connects nationalities, races, and religions through our business, and our dream is for people, local communities, and the world to be united into a 'Link'. While there are businesses that grow and others that decline with the flow of time, we will continue to challenge ourselves in the realization of 'Ring' and 'Link'.

Outbound Travel Services

Since our founding, more than one million customers have realized special journeys abroad through our travel arrangements. No matter the era, traveling overseas is always a special experience. From individual clients to large groups, from corporate overseas inspections and business trips to sports teams' overseas tours, cultural exchanges, and performances abroad, the purposes of travel are diverse. However, what is consistently sought after is 'safety' and 'security'. We strive to create special moments tailored to each customer, utilizing a dedicated team for meticulous arrangements and leveraging our extensive international network.

Incoming Travel Services

Since 1981, we have been based in Brussels, the capital of Europe, planning and conducting trips to Japan for Europeans. At the same time, we have continued to introduce Japan's nature, food culture, history, performing arts, crafts, and subculture throughout Europe. We take pride in the fact that many people have become interested in Japan through our company, and we believe this has contributed to the current boom in tourism forward Japan.

Educational Travel Services

To provide children, who are the future, with exciting experiences and opportunities for early English education, we offer a variety of experiential learning programs both in Japan and other countries. Through experiences in nature, they learn about the connection between humans and the environment and the importance of environmental conservation. By living together with people from different countries and peers, they learn about compassion, respect for diversity, the experience of competition, and the significance of leadership—taking the initiative to lead. The sight of children slightly grown after completing the program, their smiles, and words of thanks are the driving force behind our continued efforts.

Accommodation Services

Naoshima, a small island in the Seto Inland Sea, is hailed as a sanctuary of contemporary art. Inspired by the island's overwhelming charm, one of our Belgian staff initiated the introduction of this island's allure to Europeans in the late 2000s. To provide comfortable accommodation for the increasing number of visitors, we opened 'MY LODGE Naoshima' in 2020, featuring 20 rooms all with sea views. Today, in addition to MY LODGE, we operate 'Quaint House' near Miyanoura Port, the island's main gateway, offering 8 casual-stay rooms, and 'Hilltop House', a renovated traditional house perched on a hill overlooking the sea.

Restaurant Services

One of the origins of our company lies in the renowned Tokyo Akasaka establishment 'Tagawa', and its sibling, 'Belgium Tagawa'. Inheriting that DNA, we opened 'Luke's Table' (32 seats) in Naoshima island in 2020, on a south-facing slope overlooking the sea. Since then in Naoshima island, we have launched 'Luke's Pizza & Grill' (28 seats) with its stone oven pizzas, the 'Sunset Terrace Barbecue' known for its beautiful sunsets, and 'Little Plum' (28 seats), nestled in the narrow alleyways of a seaside town. Our classic cuisine, utilizing the bounty of the Seto Inland Sea and the island, has been well received by visitors.

Marine Services

The beauty of the Seto Inland Sea has been lauded by Western celebrities since the Meiji era and is also known as one of the world's leading maritime areas where travelers can enjoy panoramic sea vistas akin to a cruise. The best way to fully experience the allure of this rich sea is through cruising on a small boat. Specialists of the Seto Inland Sea offer various optimal plans tailored to customers' diverse needs, including several days of chartered yacht cruises, small boat island tours, and experiential yacht schools.